Ashwin Krishnan

The Cloud Has Your Data (Whether You Like It Or Not)

By Ashwin Krishnan | September 28, 2017

Cloud Cleanup Anyone? Following on where we left off from my last two articles now we shift focus to what this data collection means to you and me and some impending regulations that presumably give us control but do they

Are you being served by an empathetic Bot! And do you even care?

By Ashwin Krishnan | June 27, 2017

Are you being served by an empathetic Bot! Move over chatbots – it is time for the empathetic bot. Say what? Recall the American Airlines snafu with the passenger and her baby. Coming on the heels of the United fiasco

Get Used To It – Artificial Intelligence For Real-time Gas Pricing

By Ashwin Krishnan | June 5, 2017

Real-time Gas Pricing Get used to it – we will extract every dollar you can afford at your friendly …. ! I was reading in the Wall Street Journal about the implementation of Artificial Intelligence for real-time pricing at –