John posses over five years experience in professional writing; with special interests in business, technology and general media. Driven by passion and 'glowing' enthusiasm, he has covered topics cutting across diverse industries with key target audiences including corporates, marketing executives, researchers and global business leaders. John currently freelances for CloudTweaks as a frequent writer.

Cloud Startup: ECmanaged

By John | August 29, 2013

Cloud Startup-ECmanaged Times have changed in the cloud management arena. Instead of recycling applications, the end-user can clone them, which is another word of scaling apps, at will. More so, it is now possible to operate under various cloud providers

Cyber Security Solutions

The Three Modern Solutions For Cyber Security

By John | July 29, 2013

Cyber Security Solutions Various governments have adopted various approaches to their cloud policies. The Australian authorities, for example, have defined clearly who is liable for loss of data in a foreign server in data compromises that involve independent clients: the

Cloud Schools

The Onset Of The Mainstream Cloud Schools Already In The Offing

By John | June 18, 2013

Cloud Schools During the TedGlobal meeting that took place in Scotland in mid-June, it came out that the cloud system of education may be here to stay. This is after a professor who founded the initial unilateral cloud educational institutions

Report Traces Security Errors

Report Traces Security Errors To Errant Humans

By John | June 11, 2013

Report Traces Security Errors While India has attracted a number of big giants in the Information Technology and cloud computing niches, it still ranks as one of the top guns that suffer security compromises. A report that came out early

Past Predictions In The Automotive Cloud Gradually Evolving To Reality

By John | March 19, 2013

Past Predictions in the Automotive Cloud Gradually Evolving to Reality Many of the predictions in the automotive sector that happened in previous years are evolving into a competitive reality. They are becoming more practical than one probably thought they could

Cloud Trend: Global Logistics Companies In Search Of Optimal Performance

By John | February 4, 2013

Cloud Trend: Global Logistics Companies In Search Of Optimal Performance Though logistics has always been an inherent part of Information Technology, supply and transportation niches, it has never been as international as it is now. Due to the emergence of

Where Hardware Meets The Cloud: Arraying High-End Server Platforms

By John | November 13, 2012

Where Hardware Meets the Cloud: Arraying High-end Server Platforms The web has brought out hardware machinery spot-on to cloud-based applications. Some of these servers are so scalable in magnitude, mindboggling in performance and high-end in gigabytes capacity, that they even

Can Telematics Be A Path To Securing The Cloud?

By John | November 12, 2012

Can Telematics Be A Path To Securing The Cloud? There are various terminologies that describe the use of Wi-fi, signals and data sensors to help send a message securely and fast. Telematics is one of these and it deploys its

Cloud Security: A Round Up Of Prominent Highlights Across The Planet

By John | November 5, 2012

Cloud Security: A Round Up Of Prominent Highlights Across The Planet Though cloud security is a mandate that is heartfelt across the world, its approach in continents is as diverse as the cultures therein. Still, one can trace some parallel

Mind-boggling Data In Advanced Treatment

By John | October 25, 2012

Data in Advanced Treatment One of the major breakthroughs of cloud computing is the trend of leveraging investment costs during advanced treatment. For example, it might require a set of interlinked computers, in their thousands, to configure the human genome

Cloud Telemetry To Make Vehicle Users Safer On The Roads

By John | October 24, 2012

Cloud Telemetry to Make Vehicle Users Safer on the Roads It might appear like rocket science, but black boxes that are usually the last sign of life after an air crash may be transmuting into automobile effects. These will be

Redefining Micro-Learning In Five Revolutionary Ways

By John | October 18, 2012

Redefining Micro-Learning One of the great aspects of cloud computing is that it is quantifiable. It takes a challenge and accounts for it in hard figures. If it is software, one rents it and pays for the time he or