Mojgan Afshari

Mojgan Afshari is a senior lecturer in the Department of Educational Management, Planning and Policy at the University of Malaya. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Applied Chemistry from Tehran, Iran. Then, she completed her Master’s degree in Educational Administration. After living in Malaysia for a few years, she pursued her PhD in Educational Administration with a focus on ICT use in education from the University Putra Malaysia.She currently teaches courses in managing change and creativity and statistics in education at the graduate level. Her research areas include teaching and learning with ICT, school technology leadership, Educational leadership, and creativity. She is a member of several professional associations and editor of the Journal of Education. She has written or co-authored articles in the following journals: Journal of Technology, Pedagogy and Education, The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology, International Journal of Education and Information Technologies, International Journal of Instruction, International Journal of Learning, European Journal of Social Sciences, Asia Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, Life Science Journal, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, Scientific Research and Essays.
Wearable Technology In Schools

Wearable Technology In Schools

By Mojgan Afshari | July 8, 2014

Wearable Technology In Schools New wearable technology innovations have transformed the learning and teaching process in which students deal with knowledge in an active, self-directed and constructive way. As an educational tool, wearable technology can help children exercise their creativity

Rise of Cloud In Developing Countries

By Mojgan Afshari | June 30, 2014

Cloud In Developing Countries The ability of cloud computing in processing, transmitting, and storing data makes it increasingly significant in the delivery of public and private services. Cloud computing as a disruptive technology with major implications for markets, economies and societies

The Future Of Smartwear Technology

The Future Of Smartwear Technology

By Mojgan Afshari | June 24, 2014

The Future Of Smartwear Technology Wearable Technology Recent advances in smart devices and ubiquitous computing devices have fostered a dramatic growth of interest for wearable technology. “Wearable technology is defined as the intersection of the fields ubiquitous computing and functional

Transforming Raw Data Into Meaningful Useful Information

By Mojgan Afshari | June 17, 2014

Transforming Raw Data Into Meaningful Useful Information Advanced multimedia devices, social media services, sensor networks, and corporate information systems create continuously huge amounts of structured and unstructured data which are called big data. Transforming collected masses of raw data into

Cloud-Based Management Services

By Mojgan Afshari | June 11, 2014

Cloud-Based Management Services The success of organizations mainly depends on constant investment in learning and obtaining new knowledge that creates new businesses and improves existing performances. “The knowledge is considered as strategic company’s resource, the source of competitive advantage and

cloud computing elearning

Cloud Based E-learning Systems

By Mojgan Afshari | June 5, 2014

Cloud Based E-learning Systems Cloud computing is a new model for managing and delivering services over the internet. It consists of a series of hardware and software resources made available on the Internet. Users can access, process, share, and store

Cloud Computing Adoption And Usage In Education

By Mojgan Afshari | June 3, 2014

Cloud computing is an emerging new computing paradigm which can provide computational resources for teaching and learning both cost-effectively and with the flexibility that education requires. Cloud computing provides virtualized resources (such as networks, servers, applications, data storage, and services) as a service over

advanced cloud storage services

Advantages of Fast Deployment

By Mojgan Afshari | May 30, 2014

Advanced cloud storage services Cloud computing has emerged as an innovative approach to provide computing services. It offers numerous advantages such as fast deployment, lower costs, pay for use, rapid elasticity, scalability, ubiquitous network access, and greater resiliency. One of the primary

Cloud Deployment Models: Private, Community, Public and Hybrid Cloud

By Mojgan Afshari | May 28, 2014

Cloud Deployment Models Nowadays, access to reliable high-performance hardware and software resources without large capital outlays, easier access to applications and services, capability of handling large amounts of information have encouraged managers of  companies to migrate to cloud computing. Cloud computing

Big Data Survey

Big Data Survey – Top Critical Technology Trend For The Next Five Years

By Mojgan Afshari | May 21, 2014

Big Data Survey Today’s organizations should become more collaborative, virtual, adaptive, and agile in order to be successful in complex business world. They should be able to respond to changes and market needs. Many organizations found that the valuable data

Cloud Computing Adoption and the NIST

By Mojgan Afshari | May 20, 2014

Cloud Computing Adoption Nowadays, many companies are changing their overall information technology strategies to embrace cloud computing in order to open up business opportunities.  There are numerous definitions of cloud computing. Simply speaking, the term “cloud computing” comes from network

Exploiting Big Data

Exploiting Big Data For Creating New Products And Innovation

By Mojgan Afshari | May 14, 2014

Creating New Products And Innovation With the development of technology resources, organizations will increasingly depend on exploiting data for creating new products, services, innovation as well as changes in business processes. Big data is currently one of the most talked