Petteri Ihalainen

Petteri Ihalainen is a IAM product manager

As Gartner IAM Summit Spotlights Identities, New Survey Sizes The Challenge

By Petteri Ihalainen | March 26, 2015

Gartner IAM Summit The Gartner IAM Summit in London last week put the spotlight on digital identities and how best to morph standards and infrastructures to support both people and things, commonly referred to as the Internet of Everything (IoE).  

Petteri Ihalainen

Resolved: Username/Passwords Alone MUST Go

By Petteri Ihalainen | January 14, 2015

Username/Passwords MUST Go New Year’s Resolution #1 for any cloud IT deployment manager in 2015 ought to be that the user name/password alone must go.  High-profile breaches that exploit username and password-only authorization systems are becoming all-too-frequent events.   The Syrian

Turning Identity Inside and Out: IAM Meets The Extended Enterprise

By Petteri Ihalainen | December 10, 2014

IAM Extended Enterprise Company boundaries are blurring as businesses interact closely and utilize online services in growing numbers. Business ecosystems include different stakeholders including customers, partners, and subcontractors to owners and investors. Each stakeholder has their own business processes, infrastructure,