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Customer Service Tools That Don’t Cost The Earth

By Jennifer Klostermann / May 8, 2017

Customer Service Tools The thrust of customer-centric solutions over the last decade has changed the way we interact with brands and forced companies to up their game with regards to customer engagement and service. Startups have had a lot to

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Smart Cities – Helsinki and Innovation

By Josh Hamilton / March 13, 2017

Smart Cities – Helsinki The Smart Kalasatama district in Helsinki, is a purpose built smart district of a city burgeoning with innovation. The district, which is currently under construction, is expected to be fully finished by 2030, housing 20,000 people and

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We Can’t Have Smarter Cities Until We Get Smarter About Big Data

By Kayla Matthews / March 8, 2017

Smart Cities and Smarter Data Imagine the smart city of the future, for a moment, or how you see it. What kind of technology exists and allows citizens to thrive? Self-driving public transportation vehicles that run on a tight and

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Smart Cities: Tel Aviv Looks to be Leading the Pack

By Josh Hamilton / March 8, 2017

Smart Cities: Tel Aviv Smart Cities are the future of the world, with the world’s population increasingly concentrated in cities, and the sheer amount of technological advancement in IoT and connectivity the result is inevitable. The only questions that remain

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GreenTech and the Corporate Social Responsibility

By Josh Hamilton / February 22, 2017

A Corporate Culture Of Green In today’s business culture there is a new type of corporate strategy emerging, one that is becoming particularly prevalent in Silicon Valley – Corporate Social Responsibility. These green credentials are becoming increasingly more important for

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Connecting With The Future Smart Home User

By Kiril Kirilov / February 2, 2017

The Future Smart Home Four main factors drive smart home device adoption, shows a report by global consultants PwC. Smart homers want safety and security, savings on home bills, control over their homes, and convenience. Many also want to marshal

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Development of Smart Cities Becoming a Reality

By Jennifer Klostermann / December 16, 2016

Development of Smart Cities Smart cities are slowly becoming a reality; slowly on a global level, but for those cities determined to implement the necessary smart infrastructure, connected technology is often very rapidly impacting industrial, commercial and residential environments. Municipalities

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Smart Cities And The Enthusiasm For Technological Advancement

By Jennifer Klostermann / July 13, 2016

Embracing Smart City Innovation In research studies from IHS and Frost & Sullivan, it’s suggested that by 2025 approximately half of the world’s smart cities will be located outside of America and Europe, the advantaged territories that currently boast the

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The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – Energy Battle

By David / June 24, 2016

By David Fletcher Please feel free to share our comics via social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest. Clear attribution (Twitter example: via@cloudtweaks) to our original comic sources is greatly appreciated.

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5 Ways New Technology is Having an Impact on the Energy Sector

By Eric Hebert / June 13, 2016

Tech Energy Sector We’ve discussed here in the past how cleantech (a blanket term that includes technologies that affect recycling, renewable energy, transportation, and others) is moving energy efficiency into the cloud, and how there are many very well-known technology

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