What the IEEE 2018 programming languages survey reveals to us

By CloudBuzz / August 21, 2018

Programming languages are the foundations of all the existing technology that we are surrounded with. Developers, tech enthusiasts, and others keep themselves updated with the latest programming languages to be abreast with the advancements happening within each of it. Popular

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The Role of Big Data in the Medical Marijuana Industry

By Kayla Matthews / August 17, 2018

Medical Marijuana Industry Given that it’s already playing a role in disrupting and even revolutionizing entire industries almost overnight, it’s no surprise to learn that big data has its digits in medical marijuana, too. In fact, it’s been in large

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How Data Innovators Lead Data Transformation Forward

By Ronald van Loon / August 16, 2018

Data transformation is currently upon us, and we can’t deny the fact that the future we talked about is now here. The world is finally progressing towards a more mature period of digital competence, and data innovators sit at the

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Maduro Attempted Assassination by Drones – A Nasty Part of the Future Has Arrived

By John Pientka / August 15, 2018

January: I wrote of Slaughterbots – the potential of small ariel drones that could kill. March: I talked about how Sci-Fi was becoming reality with the intro of Skydio a drone that could track you by your face and gait.

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Why Digital Transformation Is So Dang Hard?

By Bill Schmarzo / August 14, 2018

I recently talked to Clint Boulton, author of “Why digital transformations are lagging” about why Digital Transformation is so hard. His article raises lots of interesting points about the inhibitors of Digital Transformation, so I thought I’d share my thoughts

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Winning the data intelligence game

By Rick Braddy / August 13, 2018

Data intelligence A case can be made that every company is now a data company. But, it is the effective use of data and not amassing stockpiles of archived data that counts. The advent of big data inspired many businesses

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Cloud-based Deployment to Gain Ground in GDPR Assessment Tools Market

By CloudTweaks / August 10, 2018

GDPR Assessment Tools Market Data security has become of utmost importance for the EU business enterprises after the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come into effect. Across enterprises, regardless of the approach of data management – cloud or on-premise,

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Fulfilling the promise of UCaaS requires a better network

By Mark Casey / August 9, 2018

UCaaS Systems Unified communications (UC), by combining voice, video and text messaging into a single system, has long promised efficiency and convenience for communicating with co-workers and customers. Why are the promises not always fulfilled? For a long time, integration

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Feeling Swamped by Technology? Practice Ephemeralization

By John Pientka / August 8, 2018

New technologies seem to be flying at you at an overwhelming rate. Computing, medicine, education, artificial and augmented reality, the list goes on and on. How do you even begin to deal with it all? Try a concept first floated

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Part 2 – Identity Assurance by Our Own Volition and Memory

By Hitoshi Kokumai / August 7, 2018

Identity Assurance by Our Own Volition and Memory We believe that the reliable identity assurance (See part 1) must be built on three prerequisite principles as follows. Volition of the User – with Self-Determination, Identity authentication with no confirmation of

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