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Hugging Face dodged a cyber-bullet with Lasso Security’s help

By Cloud Syndicate | December 7, 2023

Further validating how brittle the security of generative AI models and their platforms are, Lasso Security helped Hugging Face dodge a potentially devastating attack by discovering that 1,681 API tokens were at risk of being compromised. The tokens were discovered by Lasso researchers who recently scanned GitHub and

Ronald van Loon

Quick Decisions are Easy with Real-Time Analytics

By Cloud Syndicate | December 6, 2023

The data-driven market is continually evolving, and with the advent of Big Data, professionals are faced with the challenge of identifying, gathering, and analyzing massive datasets in ways that provide quantifiable value for their organization. This is where cloud-native, high-speed

Gilad David Maayan

Software Mapping in the Cloud

By Gilad David Maayan | December 5, 2023

What Is Software Mapping? Software mapping is an important concept in the field of software engineering and cloud computing. It involves the process of creating a visual representation of software components, their dependencies, and interactions. This visualization helps in understanding

Gary Bernstein

From Resumes to AI: Evolving Trends in HR and Recruitment Technology

By Gary Bernstein | December 4, 2023

Evolving Trends in HR and Recruitment Technology The landscape of Human Resources (HR) and recruitment has undergone a seismic shift in the past few decades. From the traditional paper resumes and in-person interviews to sophisticated AI-driven tools, the evolution is

Gilad David Maayan

What Is OpenTelemetry and How Can It Help You Monitor Your Cloud?

By Gilad David Maayan | November 30, 2023

What Is OpenTelemetry? OpenTelemetry is a set of APIs, libraries, agents, and instrumentation that empower developers to observe, collect, and manage telemetry data (metrics, logs, and traces) from their services for improved reliability, understandability, and debuggability. The project is a