Amazon ECR now supports increased repository and image limits

By Amazon News | July 21, 2019

Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) now supports increased number of repositories per region and images per repository. Previously, the default limit was 1,000 repositories per region and 1,000 images per repository, and required an extra step to increase limits. Now,

Google News

Protecting private browsing in Chrome

By Google | July 19, 2019

Protecting private browsing Chrome’s Incognito Mode is based on the principle that you should have the choice to browse the web privately. At the end of July, Chrome will remedy a loophole that has allowed sites to detect people who

Atman Rathod

UX Design in the Age of DevOps: Transformation Through Collaboration

By Atman Rathod | June 26, 2019

UX Design in the Age of DevOps DevOps is popular among modern IT strategists because it leaves no scope for lapses in the development process. It incorporates a holistic approach to software development by bringing together agile development and continuous

Chandani Patel

Design Practices: AWS IoT Solutions

By Chandani Patel | June 24, 2019

AWS IoT Solutions Internet of Things (IoT) presents an unparalleled opportunity for every industry to address their business challenges. With the proliferation of devices, one needs a solution to connect, collect, store, and analyze the device data. Amazon Web Services


Use IAM access advisor with AWS Organizations to set permission guardrails confidently

By Amazon News | June 23, 2019

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) access advisor uses data analysis to help you set permission guardrails confidently by providing service last accessed information for your accounts, organizational units (OUs), and your organization managed by AWS Organizations. Permission guardrails help control

Mark Casey Apcela

How to Optimize Your Office 365 Performance with Network Peering

By Mark Casey | June 19, 2019

Optimize Performance with Network Peering Microsoft Office 365 usage has grown significantly in recent years. More than 56 percent of organizations all around the world now use Office 365 cloud-based services. In terms of user count, Office 365 is the

Cisco News

Cisco and IBM Cloud Announce Hybrid Cloud Partnership

By Cisco | June 18, 2019

In the current day journey towards application modernization, enterprises have a growing need to not only bring together the agility of newer microservice architectures and application development platforms like Kubernetes, but also align those capabilities with their existing middle-ware, databases,

Docker logo

Docker Tools for Modernizing Traditional Applications

By CloudBuzz | June 15, 2019

Over the past two years Docker has worked closely with customers to modernize portfolios of traditional applications with Docker container technology and Docker Enterprise, the industry-leading container platform. Such applications are typically monolithic in nature, run atop older operating systems such as


Capgemini Leader in Global API Strategy and Delivery Service Providers

By CloudBuzz | June 12, 2019

Capgemini named a Leader in Global API Strategy and Delivery Service Providers, Q2 2019 Forrester Wave Report Paris, June 12, 2019 – Capgemini announced that it has been named as a “Leader” in the report, “The Forrester Wave™: Global API Strategy and Delivery Service Providers,

Dana Gardner

How real-time data streaming and integration set the stage for AI-driven DataOps

By Dana Gardner | June 11, 2019

AI-driven DataOps The next BriefingsDirect business intelligence (BI) trends discussion explores the growing role of data integration in a multi-cloud world. Just as enterprises seek to gain more insights and value from their copious data, they’re also finding their applications, services, and raw data spread

Ronald van Loon

Build Your Intelligent Enterprise through a Data Fabric

By Ronald van Loon | May 31, 2019

The future offers interesting and exciting times ahead for most businesses. With data being a big influencer in the enterprise of the future, it is a matter of time before we jump into the era of intelligent enterprises. Intelligent enterprises

Dell/EMC News

Why Does Hardware Matter in a Software-Defined Data Center?

By EMC | May 30, 2019

Today, organizations with a modernized infrastructure (aka “modernized” firms) are much better positioned to handle emerging technologies than their competitors with aging hardware. Modernized firms can quickly scale to meet changing needs. They understand the importance of flexibility, especially when

DevOps – Secure and Scalable CI/CD Pipeline with AWS

By Chandani Patel | May 29, 2019

Secure and Scalable CI/CD Pipeline According to Gartner, a leading research company, worldwide public cloud revenue will grow by 17.3 percent in 2019. Total spending on IT infrastructure products (server, enterprise storage, and Ethernet switches) for deployment in cloud environments

Microsoft News

Announcing the preview of Windows Server containers support in Azure Kubernetes Service

By Azure | May 18, 2019

Kubernetes is taking the app development world by storm. Earlier this month, we shared that the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) was the fastest growing compute service in Azure’s history. Customers like Siemens Healthineers, Finastra, Maersk, and Hafslund are realizing the benefits

6 Core Challenges Businesses Face When Implementing DevOps & How To Deal With Them

By Cloud Syndicate | May 13, 2019

Challenges Businesses Face When Implementing DevOps The idea of Development teams co-existing with the Operations department to ensure that the development cycle for new releases is quicker than ever… oh man, a couple of years ago – that would have

App Direct CEO

How to Transform to Succeed in the Digital Economy

By Dan Saks | May 9, 2019

Succeed in the Digital Economy In today’s increasingly competitive business climate, companies must put digital technologies at the core of their operations. In order to avoid the same fate as companies like Sears or Yellow Cab, businesses must digitize —

Cisco News

APIs and Our Dedication to Simplicity

By Cisco | May 9, 2019

Cisco Meraki API Launch at DevNet Create At Cisco Meraki we are dedicated to simplifying powerful technology to free passionate people to focus on their mission. For many groups, simplicity isn’t just about an intuitive user interface or complete visibility.

Microsoft News

Advancing the developer experience for serverless apps with Azure Functions

By Azure | May 7, 2019

Azure Functions constantly innovates so that you can achieve more with serverless applications, enabling developers to overcome common serverless challenges through a productive, event-driven programming model. Some releases we made in the last few weeks are good examples of this,

Cisco News

Finding My Way to Cisco as a Software Engineer

By Cisco | May 7, 2019

“What do you want to do when you grow up?” It’s a question we get asked frequently as children, and more and more as we near graduation from high school and college – when life starts closing in on the

Mark Casey Apcela

Why CloudHubs are an Important Ingredient to Optimizing Performance of Cloud-based Applications

By Mark Casey | May 6, 2019

CloudHubs – Optimizing Application Performance It may seem hard to believe, but even in this day and age, there are still some enterprises that are cloud-averse. For whatever reason, they are hesitant to have their applications or data in the


ERP Ain’t Got the Same Soul, I Like that Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll

ERP Ain’t Got the Same Soul, I Like that Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll

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Companies Must Be More Transparent About Security Moving Forward

Companies Must Be More Transparent About Security Moving Forward

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Business Intelligence Implementation

10 Tips For Successful Business Intelligence Implementation

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The Innovation of Automation Has Fueled the Fear of Machines Stealing Jobs

The Innovation of Automation Has Fueled the Fear of Machines Stealing Jobs

Automation and Job Creation What happens when humankind makes a machine more intuitive and efficient than itself? A wake of ...
Daren Glenister

International Data Privacy Laws: Consistently Inconsistent

International Data Privacy Laws Many multinational enterprises are faced with a plethora of restrictions and regulations both in their home ...