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Accenture Introduces Offering to Help Financial Institutions Combat Financial Crime and Comply with Regulations

November 21, 2019

NEW YORK; Nov. 21, 2019 – Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has introduced a compliance-as-a-service offering to help financial institutions, fintech and technology companies cost-effectively combat financial crime and comply with related regulations.   Navigating the regulations that combat financial crime can


Capgemini’s World Quality Report Reveals Skills and Security Challenges

October 31, 2019

Capgemini’s World Quality Report Reveals Skills and Security Challenges Capgemini’s World Quality Report also reveals skills and security challenges as major hindrances for organizations to uplift their testing and IT environment Paris, October 31, 2019 – The World Quality Report

Bill Schmarzo

The Data Lake Chronicles: Pitching Through Pain, Vampire Indecisions and Second Surgeries

September 30, 2019

The Data Lake Chronicles There is a phrase in baseball about pitchers “pitching through pain” that refers to pitchers taking the mound to pitch even though they have aches and pains – sore arms, stiff joints, blisters, strained muscles, etc.

Cisco News

DevSecOps: Blending Critical Operations and Cultures to Increase Data Security

September 26, 2019

Two major shifts are affecting organizational cybersecurity posture: digital product and service offerings are increasingly powered by mobile, cloud and data analytics; while developers of those products and services are migrating to Development Operations (DevOps) processes for greater agility and

Aarti Parikh

Implementing Serverless Microservices Architecture on AWS

September 23, 2019

Serverless Microservices Architecture Microservice is an architectural approach for softwares that are designed to speed up development cycles and support scalability. In this approach, software is composed of small independent services that communicates over well-architected APIs. Monolithic vs Microservices Architecture

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How IT Operations Can Survive and Thrive in a Multi-cloud World

September 17, 2019

IT Operations Can Thrive in a Multi-cloud World IT operations teams are contending with the reality that growing volumes of workloads are running across multiple cloud services. While multi-cloud environments are growing ubiquitous, many IT operations teams are still trying

Mor Cohen Tal

The Top 2 Challenges of Next-Gen Applications

September 4, 2019

Challenges of Next-Gen Applications When you think of why customers move to the cloud, there are a few key things that they’re trying to achieve. Agility How do I do more with less. How do I innovate faster? How do

Aarti Parikh

Serverless Multi-Tier Architecture on AWS

August 29, 2019

Serverless Multi-Tier Architecture Multi-tier Architecture Multi-tier Architecture is also known as n-tier architecture. In such architecture, an application is developed and distributed in more than one layer. The number of layers depend on business requirements but three tier architecture is

Mark Kirstein Partner Experts

IT Pros Can Now Deliver a More Streamlined, Cost-Efficient Migration of Microsoft Teams

August 13, 2019

IT Pros Deliver a More Streamlined Migration of Microsoft Teams In the modern workplace, the ability for employees to collaborate and engage with each other on projects in real time is becoming essential. The increased adoption of tools like video

Aarti Parikh

What are the Capabilities of the AWS Serverless Platform?

August 1, 2019

AWS Serverless Platform AWS serverless compute services allow to build and deploy applications on AWS cloud without having to manage the servers. AWS serverless platform enables vendors to deploy cloud solutions without server provisioning, deploying, maintaining and monitoring applications, databases

Google News

Protecting private browsing in Chrome

July 19, 2019

Protecting private browsing Chrome’s Incognito Mode is based on the principle that you should have the choice to browse the web privately. At the end of July, Chrome will remedy a loophole that has allowed sites to detect people who

Atman Rathod

UX Design in the Age of DevOps: Transformation Through Collaboration

June 26, 2019

UX Design in the Age of DevOps DevOps is popular among modern IT strategists because it leaves no scope for lapses in the development process. It incorporates a holistic approach to software development by bringing together agile development and continuous

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