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Cloud VPN – Ways To Bolster Web Privacy

By Jeremy Daniel | November 11, 2015

Cloud VPN Looking at cloud VPN (virtual private networks) as a way to bolster web privacy. Have you ever had

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Facebook’s Head of AI Says the Field Will Soon ‘Hit the Wall’

By Wired | December 4, 2019

Jerome Pesenti is encouraged by progress in artificial intelligence, but sees the limits of the current approach to deep learning.

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Cloud Marketing Tools – Setting Up Your Marketing Cloud

Online Marketing Tools Most recently, an acquisition agreement for the purchase of marketing automation vendor Marketo by a private equity firm was announced, with a price tag of $1.79 billion. This is the latest buyout of a marketing automation vendor,

Quick Security Checklist

Cloud Security Checklist and How to Prevent Being a Target

Cloud Security Checklist This article provides a quick cloud security checklist which will hopefully provide an extra level of protection. While we are all very happy about the entire cloud data storage concept. Cloud computing security is an area of

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Big Data Companies, Big Business: Top 100 Heavy Hitters

Top Big Data Companies Our current technology is advancing so rapidly, sometimes we need to invent new ways to just keep up with things. Enter Big Data. Big data just means data so gigantic or complex that it can’t be

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5 Effective Findings Cloud-Based Enterprise Collaboration Carries Out Business Value

Cloud-Based Enterprise Collaboration Cloud based enterprise collaboration is the future for carrying out business values. It may not be the future after all, since it is already happening now with the growing collaborative revolution centered on driving internet traffic to

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Managed Cloud WordPress Hosting Services

Managed Hosting Providers Managed cloud servers are becoming especially popular among startups and other small businesses concerned about Web security. Prior to managed hosting services, most security-conscious companies hired system administrators to configure, secure, and maintain their Web servers—an expense