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Vulnerability Scanners

Cyber security vulnerabilities are a constant nuisance and it certainly doesn’t help with the world in a current state of disarray and uncertainty. Vulnerabilities leave businesses and individuals subject to a wide range of threats including: Malware, Ransomware and DDoS. Some of the most common vulnerabilities include: Cross Site Scripting, Cross-Site Request Forgery, Security Misconfiguration, Broken Authentication & Session Management and SQL injection.

The concern is real and in 2021, The US government’s National Vulnerability Database (NVD) listed over 150,000 entries as part of their database and unfortunately the numbers are increasing.

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) defines a vulnerability as: “A weakness in the computational logic (e.g., code) found in software and hardware components that, when exploited, results in a negative impact to confidentiality, integrity, or availability. Mitigation of the vulnerabilities in this context typically involves coding changes, but could also include specification changes or even specification deprecations (e.g., removal of affected protocols or functionality in their entirety)...”

How to fix the problem?

It is a tough question but the training, recruiting and the hiring of individuals in the field of cybersecurity is an important start. Without this, it will be very difficult and sobering journey for many online businesses.

Another option is to use network monitoring services and to utilize any number of the free online vulnerability scanners tools available.

We have a compiled a modest list of some of the leading cloud vulnerability scanners online. These sites will provide you with security breakdown of some of the areas that can be addressed to improve your sites security.


Sucuri provides a cloud platform for complete web security and monitoring. The users can scan their website for any type of malware, any type of hack and receive the results of monitoring in the form of alerts. The signatures of malware are identified by the lightweight website scanners of Sucuri for immediate action. Sucuri promises complete removal of malware, protection against repeated hacks, 24/7 tech support, and a money-back guarantee of 30 days. It is compatible with all types of platforms like WordPress, Magento, PHP, Droopal, and Joomla.


Intruder.io aims to prevent data breaches by finding vulnerabilities in cyber security. It offers on-the-fly integration for major cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure. Intruder.io differs from its competitors by providing efficient monitoring of internal environments as well as edge networks. The CloudBot tool of Intruder.io monitors the cloud hourly for any new hostnames and IP addresses. It also supports integration for renowned workplace management software like Jira, Slack, Microsoft Teams. The workflows can also be automated by using Zapier and Rest API.


SSL Server Test cloudtweaks.com

SSL Labs is a tool provided by Qualys that provides the services of testing websites configuration & certificates, testing browser’s implementation of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), analyzing how other websites on the internet are performing, and documentation for anyone who wants to learn the correct deployment of SSL/TLS. SSL Server Test is one of many projects of SSL Labs. The server test is a free service that enables the public to learn about the SSL configuration of any server on the internet.

MetaDefender Opswat


MetaDefender Cloud works on the philosophy of trusting no file. This philosophy enabled them to come up with a state-of-the-art cloud platform called OPSWAT for the detection and prevention of threats. Rest API enables easy integration of this platform in any application. Using technologies like Multiscanning and Deep CDR, it provides protection against ransomware attacks along with data breaches to organizations. OPSWAT has a 99.6% malware detection rate, more than a 100 Deep CDR file types and 40 billion+ hash reputation database.


Free Website Security Scan UpGuard
UpGuard is a platform for system administrators to manage any attacks and analyze the risks. The security engine of UpGuard constantly monitors companies worldwide. It also provides a free security assessment of any website. Data conscious companies like TDK, NYSE rely on UpGuard for prevention against data breaches, monitoring of vendors while simultaneously scaling up. The team behind UpGuard adds on new features every month because they believe in improving continuously and providing their customers with the latest technology in the field of security.

Observatory (Mozilla)


Mozilla Observatory is a powerful tool for website owners, developers, and system administrators to test their website’s security vulnerabilities. From e-commerce websites to blog websites, the Observatory provides the latest fixes to boost one’s security. The Observatory ranks different websites according to a scoring-based system in which various metrics related to web security are tested. These metrics include Cookies, Content Security Policy, Subresource Integrity, Redirection, etc. The maximum score a website can get is 135 and the minimum is 0 out of 100.

By Gary Bernstein

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