Month: March 2022

Bi Tools

How BI Tools Help Data Scientists

BI Tools For Data Scientists Many data scientists prefer to use open-source framework to code scripts; after all, it’s something they already trust to work. Business intelligence tools like Qlik [...]
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Cloud Foundry vs Kubernetes: Which One is Better?

Cloud Foundry vs Kubernetes: A Comprehensive Comparison of Containerization Platforms As more and more businesses migrate to cloud-based infrastructures, choosing the right containerization platform has become increasingly important. Cloud Foundry [...]
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Leading Cloud Vulnerability Scanners

Vulnerability Scanners Cyber security vulnerabilities are a constant nuisance and it certainly doesn’t help with the world in a current state of disarray and uncertainty. Vulnerabilities leave businesses and individuals [...]
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Gary Bernstein

Test Data Management in Practice

Test Data Management How do you test your data management systems? With Delphix, you can automate your tests by running your data against a virtual copy of your production environment. [...]
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Adam Cole

Mitigating Regulatory Risk In the Cloud

Mitigating Regulatory Risk Some of the great business opportunities for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) integrators and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) have been the emergence of cloud, telephony and Unified [...]
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