January 24, 2023

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help with the Recruitment Process 

By Gergo Vari

Artificial Intelligence and the Recruitment Process

Artificial intelligence can be found everywhere, from dating websites to cars. Another use for AI can be found in the recruitment industry, which has been needing this revamp ever since the internet was invented.

The different uses for AI have been proven through its incorporation in recruitment, where it has facilitated both the job of recruiters and job seekers as well. From automation to faster decision-making, artificial intelligence is here to aid recruiters rather than replace them. The time it takes to hire has been reduced, whereas the quality of hire has improved significantly with these tools.

There is an underlying reason for the success of AI in recruitment. That reason is the big shift in work habits we have seen in the past few years. Workers have been needing more flexible hours, and lots of offices have shifted to home office work. Work habits have also changed, and employee turnover has now increased to over 50% annually.

How AI Works

Artificial intelligence is simply a program running complex algorithms to come to an answer or conclusion. These algorithms need vast amounts of data to be as accurate as possible. Essentially, AI programs are made and taught to make complex decisions. These decisions also take less time since such a program’s computing power exceeds that of an average human.

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The two most important concepts for AI recruitment are automation and streamlining. The automation of recruitment means the AI software can scan through hundreds or thousands of resumés depending on the potency of the program. This removes the strain of time-consuming tasks from recruiters and leaves time for more important tasks.

Automation and Resumé Review

Recruitment software looks for specific keywords inside resumés, as well as experience and other determining factors, to send them through to the next phase of the recruitment process. This means the first phase of reviewing resumés isn’t done by a human recruiter, removing this time-consuming task from their hands.

After having scanned resumés, AI can also scan personal information. This is needed if the program is also used for organizational purposes, which it often is. The program can send forward the information of hired or interviewed candidates for the recruiter to review and organize.

Background and Reference Checking

Artificial intelligence can also do background and reference checks on potential candidates. The reason companies need background checks to be made is to reduce the risk of hiring anyone with a complicated background in past work experience or with law enforcement. These checks can easily be done by an AI program instead of a recruiter.

Checking references isn’t always needed by companies, though it falls under the same category as background checking. The way these programs conduct reference checks on candidates is by checking the candidate’s references and attempting to contact them by sending an email or a digital questionnaire. These programs also send gentle reminders after some time has passed.

Scheduling and Interviews

Artificial intelligence can also help with scheduling and organizing the recruitment process. Often, these programs come with calendar integration that lets recruiters and job seekers see each other’s schedules. This also means the software can automatically schedule interviews for the candidates to meet with recruiters.

The reason all this automation is so important is that it allows recruiters to have more face-to-face time with the most qualified candidates. This increases the chances for candidates to get hired by a company that fits them and also allows recruiters to fully assess the way a candidate is likely to be once in the workplace.

Internal Mobility Processes

Internal mobility is a term that is used for hiring that is done exclusively within a company. This means the AI software scans the employee information within a company.

This recruitment strategy saves time by decreasing the amount spent searching for new hires as well as average costs all around. If you hire from within your own company, you won’t need to go through the induction process with the recruit since they are already familiar with the company.

Miscellaneous Uses for AI

Certain recruitment companies have found innovative ways to use artificial intelligence in the realm of recruitment. Namely, Lensa has found a way to increase its user experience using AI. Lensa is an online job board that uses AI in its recruitment processes to facilitate the lives of its users and create a smoother entrance into the workforce.

Lensa has created a workstyle game that is a small video game made for candidates to assess any hidden soft skills they may have that could prove useful towards their being hired. This game uses artificial intelligence to analyze and conclude outcomes for the skills the player has, which can then be used in their resumé.

Resumé Creation

Artificial intelligence can also be used to generate resumés by submitting all needed information into a program that then creates a presentable, well-organized resumé for the candidate in need. There is also editing software for resumés that can point out any undesirable information you may have accidentally written into your resume.


Artificial intelligence has been the shining star of the tech world for some time now, with these AI recruitment programs aiding the lives of thousands of workers. This software has transformed a process that would have otherwise taken weeks to complete into an operation that takes mere seconds.

We are sure that countless other uses for AI will pop up in the coming years to further make humans’ jobs easier since the aim of these programs is to aid, not replace, human workers. The creativity these programs lend us sets the sky as the limit.

By Gergo Vari

Gergo Vari

Gergo Vari is the CEO of Lensa

He has one mission: to revolutionize job search for companies and professionals. 

In 2001, Gergo funded and launched Profession.hu, Hungary’s leading recruitment platform. In just 4 years, the company reached an extraordinary market share of 75%. 

Gergo’s passion for startups led him on to found and head e-Ventures, and later, in 2008, to the launch and sale of AffilateMedia, Network.hu, and Replise. These ventures taught him a valuable lesson: the need for recruiting and human resources technology that puts people first. At Lensa, we are working every day to share the transformative potential of this vision with the world.
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