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Interactive and Immersive Visual Platforms: The Next Wave in Cloud Management and Optimization

By Jennifer Klostermann | November 17, 2017

The Next Wave in Cloud Management and Optimization Less than a decade ago the first distributed blockchain was implemented and only a few years ago the wider value of blockchain was recognized, causing major upheavals in the financial sector and

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Artificial Intelligence and Fintech Collaborations

By Jennifer Klostermann | October 30, 2017

Is AI the Future of Fintech? The prevalence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in fintech is growing steadily and experts believe the next few years will show a particularly notable increase in the use of this flourishing technology for improved financial

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2017: Apple Unveils ARKit

By Jennifer Klostermann | June 6, 2017

Apple Unveils ARKit A number of exciting new developments and updates have been announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 (WWDC 2017), including new versions of macOS, iOS, and watchOS platforms, as well as a new iPad Pro tablet, and

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2 Fastest Growing Areas – Fintech Banking And Investment Services

By Jennifer Klostermann | May 11, 2017

Fintech Banking And Investment Services Knowingly or not, we’re all constantly leaving massive data trails behind us, many of which are linked to our finances. From credit card payments to online orders to mobile bill splitting, the range of fintech applications

Customer Service Tools

Customer Service Tools That Don’t Cost The Earth

By Jennifer Klostermann | May 8, 2017

Customer Service Tools The thrust of customer-centric solutions over the last decade has changed the way we interact with brands and forced companies to up their game with regards to customer engagement and service. Startups have had a lot to

Finding and Implementing Startup Tools

Finding and Implementing The Right Tools For Your Startup

By Jennifer Klostermann | May 3, 2017

Finding and Implementing Startup Tools Many startups believe implementing cloud tools help reduce operation costs as well as the time taken to enter a market, and so when taken along with the faster product development and increased productivity benefits, more

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What You Need to Know about Startup Accelerator Programs

By Jennifer Klostermann | May 2, 2017

Startup Accelerator Programs Startup accelerators, not to be confused with incubators or angel investors, play an important role in the development of global startups and can significantly impact the results of these startups while simultaneously benefiting the community as a

small business efficiency

Back-End Tools that Support Small Business Efficiency

By Jennifer Klostermann | April 28, 2017

Small Business Efficiency Getting your startup organized doesn’t have to be hard work, but considering the investment of your time and money into building your own business, it makes sense to put in place the right tools to keep the

Virtual Reality Healthcare Trends

Virtual Reality Trends and Possibilities in Healthcare

By Jennifer Klostermann | April 26, 2017

Virtual Reality Healthcare Trends Virtual reality tends currently to focus on entertainment and gaming, but it’s a field that’s beginning to show advances into more esteemed areas such as healthcare and medicine. Already high-tech simulations are allowing surgeons and their teams to

Digital Marketing Part 3- Measuring Effectiveness

By Jennifer Klostermann | April 24, 2017

Measuring Effectiveness With a solid foundation in place, the correct strategy and tools utilized, a digital marketing campaign can mean brand proliferation and product success. But it’s just as important to measure the effectiveness of a campaign and provide real


Inside the Equifax Hack

Was the Data Just Too Big? Inside the Equifax Hack

Inside the Equifax Hack Equifax is a gigantic financial organization, the entire livelihood of which revolves around collecting and analyzing ...
How to Improve the Backup Success Rate of Data Centers?

How to Improve the Backup Success Rate of Data Centers?

Improve Backup Success Rate According to industry analysts, a significant number of backup jobs (from 5 to 25%) are failing ...
How The CFAA Ruling Affects Individuals And Password-Sharing

How The CFAA Ruling Affects Individuals And Password-Sharing

Individuals and Password-Sharing With the 1980s came the explosion of computing. In 1980, the Commodore ushered in the advent of home ...
Why Do Television Companies Need A Digital Transformation

Why Do Television Companies Need A Digital Transformation

Cloud TV Over just a few years, the world of television production, distribution, and consumption has changed dramatically. In the ...
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Identifying Threats and Trusting a Third Party with Your Data

Third Party Data With data security breaches and identity thefts increasing every year, it is important for businesses to consider ...
Cryptographic Key Generation – It’s Time To Pay Attention

Cryptographic Key Generation – It’s Time To Pay Attention

Cryptographic Key Generation When we think about cryptographic keys, we tend to think about closely guarded secrets. Keys are the only ...
What You Need to Know About GameStop's Data Breach

What You Need to Know About GameStop’s Data Breach

GameStop's Data Breach Just in case you missed it, GameStop quietly announced a major data breach of sensitive customer information ...
3 Developing Expectations For The IoT

3 Developing Expectations For The IoT

IoT Expectations The Internet of Things, or IoT, has received a lot of attention from tech analysts and curious consumers ...