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Virtual Economies: Gaming Is Big Business

Virtual Economies A little while back, I did an article on how to make money as a professional, playing different types of cloud video games. The industry behind this phenomenon is growing at a geometric rate, with new events and

The Psychological Effects Of Online Gaming

The Psychological Effects of Gaming In the Cloud Recently, I composed an article on the advantages and pitfalls of children and cloud gaming. Given that children have traditionally been the target for video games, the examination of how video gaming in


Different Ways Net Neutrality Could Affect Cloud Gaming

Different Ways Net Neutrality Could Affect Gaming Net neutrality has been a hot button of controversy between the government, industry professionals and end users for some time now. Net neutrality is defined as “the principle that internet service providers and

Cloudtweaks Gaming Addiction

The Advantages And Pitfalls Of Children And Cloud Gaming

Pitfalls of Children and Cloud Gaming Video games have long been a hotbed of controversy when it comes to children, with both sides of the argument heatedly insisting that their contentions are the right ones. This argument stems from a

Envisioning The Future Of Education

How Haptic Technology Could Revolutionize The Cloud Gaming Experience

Haptic Technology Could Revolutionize Gaming When it comes to picking a word used to describe the pinnacle of the online gaming experience, in this author’s humble opinion, that word would have to be “realistic.” Sure, plenty of other attributes exist

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Augmented Reality And Cloud Gaming

Augmented Reality and Cloud Gaming Imagine, if you will, living in a world that is hotly contested by two different factions, each vying for absolute dominance of both land and people. You find yourself standing on your local street corner,