Jon Roskill

Jon has 25 years of leadership experience in the software business. He joins Acumatica after a 20-year career at Microsoft where he led efforts in many areas including product development for developer tools, as well as the business operations, strategy, and marketing for all of Microsoft US. Jon’s most recent role was Corporate Vice President for the Worldwide Partner Group where he led a global sales and marketing team of more than 5,000 employees and Microsoft’s 640,000 partners. Jon has a Bachelor of Applied Science, Computer Engineering, from University of Massachusetts in Amherst, and an MBA from Boston University.
Jon Roskill

Going Global With The Cloud: SME’s, Anywhere, Anytime Access

By Jon Roskill | October 1, 2014

SME’s Anytime Access Lots of companies have offered 24/7 availability of systems and data to their customers and employees for years. What else is new? What’s new is that a cloud computing environment can make 24/7 availability possible for small

Jon Roskill

Is SaaS For You? Three Questions To Ask

By Jon Roskill | September 24, 2014

Is SaaS For You? The idea of providing software to customers for a fee without the need for investments in IT infrastructure or staff has been around for decades. In the 1970s it was called Timesharing. Back then, companies utilized

Jon Roskill

Moving To The Cloud: A Smart Move Or Proceed With Caution?

By Jon Roskill | July 10, 2014

Moving To The Cloud You hear it over and over again: The future of computing is in the cloud. Businesses should be moving to the cloud. If you’re not in the cloud, you’re behind the times. But trusting your essential

Jon Roskill

What Is A Hybrid Cloud? Deconstructing Its Two Components

By Jon Roskill | July 3, 2014

What Is A Hybrid Cloud? With the emergence of cloud-computing technology comes the addition of new terminology. The terms public cloud and private cloud are reasonably well understood. However, a hybrid cloud can mean different things to different people. Under

Jon Roskill

Cloud ERP Starter’s Guide: When QuickBooks Is Not Enough

By Jon Roskill | June 25, 2014

ERP Starter’s Guide You’ve been running your small business on QuickBooks, or a product like it, to automate your accounting function and produce basic financial reports. So, what’s wrong? Things just don’t seem to be working well. It takes too

Jon Roskill

Can You Run Your Business Entirely From A Mobile Device?

By Jon Roskill | June 16, 2014

Can You Run Your Business Entirely From A Mobile Device? You know the feeling. It’s 8:00 a.m. Your bus is stuck in traffic, so you pull out your phone and start answering work emails. While you may rely on your

Jon Roskill

Built For The Cloud vs. Adapting To The Cloud

By Jon Roskill | June 13, 2014

Built For The Cloud vs. Adapting To The Cloud It may just sound like semantics, but there is a real difference between something that was “built for” versus “adapted to.” Would you rather buy a house that was “designed for”

Jon Roskill

What To Do When You’ve Outgrown Your Basic Business Software

By Jon Roskill | May 15, 2014

Basic Business Software You know that feeling. You have multiple business products that aren’t communicating, meaning your employees are doing more work, uploading redundant data into different systems. The software is sluggish and can’t be accessed via browser. You’re paying

Jon Roskill

The Future Of Work: Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems

By Jon Roskill | April 28, 2014

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems The cloud has made our working lives easier, with everything from virtually unlimited email storage to access-from-anywhere enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. It’s no wonder the 2013 cloud computing research IDG survey revealed at least 84