Sekhar Sarukkai

Sekhar Sarukkai is a Co-founder and the Chief Scientist at Skyhigh Networks, driving the future of innovation and technology. He has more than 20 years of experience in enterprise networking, security, and cloud services development.
Sekhar Sarukkai

Cybersecurity Data Breaches: Incident Response Planning

By Sekhar Sarukkai | June 7, 2016

Incident Response Planning The topic of cybersecurity has become part of the boardroom agendas in the last couple of years, and not surprisingly — these days, it’s almost impossible to read news headlines without noticing yet another story about a

Sekhar Sarukkai

Did The FBI Make A Mistake In Publicly Fighting Apple?

By Sekhar Sarukkai | April 12, 2016

Apple News – The FBI vs Apple Unless you live in a completely disconnected bubble, you’ve heard all about the recent battle between Apple and the FBI. You’ve heard the arguments from different sides —you’ve probably even debated on one

Sekhar Sarukkai

A Closer Look at Insider Threats and Sensitive Data in the Cloud

By Sekhar Sarukkai | March 30, 2016

Sensitive Data in the Cloud A recent survey report conducted by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) revealed that  sensitive data in the cloud had reached a tipping point: 64.9% of respondents (which included IT security professionals from enterprises across all

Sekhar Sarukkai

What The FITARA Scorecard Tells Us About Government Cyber Security Preparedness

By Sekhar Sarukkai | January 25, 2016

Government Cyber Security Preparedness Last year’s massive data breach of Office of Personnel Management, as well as other recent cyber security incidents affecting federal agencies, underscored the urgency of bringing the federal government’s security infrastructure up to date. Although many

Sekhar Sarukkai

How Data Science And Machine Learning Is Enabling Cloud Threat Protection

By Sekhar Sarukkai | December 21, 2015

Data Science and Machine Learning Security breaches have been consistently rising in the past few years. Just In 2015, companies detected 38 percent more security breaches than in the previous year, according to PwC’s Global State of Information Security Survey