Cloud Computing

Clouding Around: Apple, Twitter And Amazon Web Services

By Gene Briones | October 8, 2015

Amazon Web Services Expands to Analytics At its annual AWS re:Invent conference, Amazon unveiled a smorgasbord of new products designed to poach legacy customers at rival companies like Oracle and IBM. One of the most notable is the new AWS

Mobile Connected Technologies – The Future Of The Healthcare Industry

By CloudTweaks | October 7, 2015

Mobile Connected Technologies Clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities are embracing new mobile technologies in order to be more efficient in their daily tasks. With faster communication and better collaboration, clinicians can spend much less time handling medical devices and

Google Customer Match And The New IoT Business Model

By Jennifer Klostermann | October 7, 2015

The New IoT Business Model The Internet of Things (IoT) faces new challenges almost daily, from software to security to management requirements, but also continuously offers us new prospects. Gartner is predicting 25 billion plus connected devices by 2020 and

Smart Accessories: The Apple Watch Hermes

By CloudTweaks | October 6, 2015

The New Apple Watch Hermes Apple began allowing the purchase of their newest wearable tech in collaboration with Hermes yesterday, October 5th, 2015. The French Luxury brand and and world’s largest technology company began collaborating after the introduction of the

Amazon AWS Connecting To Lucrative IoT Market

By Jennifer Klostermann | October 6, 2015

Amazon AWS Though both Microsoft and IBM have revealed plans to support the Internet of Things, with billions of connected devices gathering consumer and industrial data to be passed on for cloud storage and analysis, Amazon Web Services (AWS) hasn’t

The Need For A Security Incident Response Team

By Steve Prentice | October 6, 2015

Security Incident Response Team The incidences of modern cyber-attacks are growing, along with their sophistication. Every single weakness, whether technological or human, is being constantly exploited, and the interconnectedness of computers means that a break-in, theft or infection on one

Facebook Mobile Internet Traveling To Africa

By CloudBuzz | October 6, 2015

Facebook Mobile Traveling Far And Wide Expanding Internet access has long been among the chief goals of various web companies and tech world leaders. Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have all been working on ways to make the World Wide Web

Amazon Web Service To Launch Big Data Analytics Service

By CloudBuzz | October 5, 2015

‪Amazon Web Services‬ – Space Needle Amazon is planning to launch a new analytics service for its cloud computing platform, sources told the Wall Street Journal. The business intelligence tool, dubbed Space Needle, is expected to be announced this week at

IoT Rapid Expansion Throughout The World

By Scott Andersen | October 5, 2015

IoT Rapid Expansion Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) are a nomenclature used to define the world beyond IoT devices. CPS includes the robotic and automation systems that interact with the IoT devices. Based on that changing landscape I have come to

5 Reasons Why Your Startup Will Grow Faster In The Cloud

By Gary Gould | October 2, 2015

Cloud Startup Fast-tracking Start-ups face many challenges, the biggest of which is usually managing growth. A start-up that does not grow is at constant risk of failure, whereas a new business that grows faster than expected may be hindered by


3 Challenges of Network Deployment in Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Private Cloud

3 Challenges of Network Deployment in Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Private Cloud

Hyperconverged Infrastructure In this article, we’ll explore three challenges that are associated with network deployment in a hyperconverged private cloud environment, ...
Blockchain ≠ Bitcoin: Demystifying Blockchain's Business Value in Oil and Gas

Blockchain ≠ Bitcoin: Demystifying Blockchain’s Business Value in Oil and Gas

Demystifying Blockchain's Business Value This is part 1 of a 2-part series on blockchain technology. Blockchain was developed almost a ...
Legal Tech - How to Create Long-Term Growth for Your Practice

Legal Tech – How to Create Long-Term Growth for Your Practice

Legal Tech Your Practice Your law firm is a business. Like all businesses, growth and profitability is paramount. You want ...
Chris Gerva

Vulnerability vs. Exploitability: Why they’re different & why it matters

Vulnerability vs. Exploitability There is a lot of jargon when it comes to cloud security. While the thought of having ...
conferencing cybersecurity

Is Your Conferencing System a Cybersecurity Weak Link?

Video Conferencing Vulnerabilities At home and in the office, the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought us new heights of ...
Benefits of Licensing Software as a Service In The Cloud

Benefits of Licensing Software as a Service In The Cloud

Software as a Service In The Cloud When Microsoft moved to a monthly cloud-based subscription package for its Windows 10 ...
Have you Heard? The Chinese Cloud Is Coming!

Have you Heard? The Chinese Cloud Is Coming!

Alibaba challenges Amazon “Alibaba challenges Amazon in the Cloud marketplace!” Analysts are almost breathless in their commentary. What’s the real ...
How to Build a Top Level Data Science Team

How to Build a Top Level Data Science Team

Data Science Team Businesses today need to do more than merely acknowledge big data. They need to embrace data and ...