Cloud Tools To Help Develop Your Business Startup

By Jennifer Klostermann / January 28, 2016

Useful Business Startup Tools Cloud tools and the cloud market are evolving from a focus on technology to solution-specific instruments with practical objectives. Ten years ago, businesses were run almost entirely from local office computers with files and documents being emailed

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Small Business Security 

Using The Cloud Effectively For Your Business Needs

By Jennifer Klostermann / June 17, 2015

Using The Cloud Effectively Cloud computing offers large and small organizations various benefits, not least of all cost reduction, and Microsoft, believing the cloud to be the future of the company, has been investing heavily in it. Guru Focus reports

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Redis Labs Tops In Independent NoSQL Performance Benchmark

By Penny Swift / June 4, 2015

NoSQL Performance Benchmark In a newly released benchmark established to determine which NoSQL database works best in a specific real-world scenario, Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster substantially outperformed the four other databases tested. The test, which was conducted independently by Avalon

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10 Prototyping Tools To Help Build Your Startup

By CloudTweaks / May 20, 2015

Prototyping Tools We are continuing this week by focusing on startup tools, tips and tweaks that will help you build, design, manage and market your way into the cloud based business that you want to be. Last week we offered a

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Methodically Plan Your Cloud Design First

By Richard Thayer / May 18, 2015

Are You Sure You Are Ready For The Cloud: Design For the last few months, we have been discussing getting ready to go to the cloud. We have covered topics such as Financial and Business Security reasons. We have even

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Using Mobile Technology To Price, Quote and Engage Customers

By Steve Prentice / May 1, 2015

Quote and Engage Customers To remain competitive in the e-commerce age, companies are starting to recognize that one price does not fit all, and in fact, the marketplace demands a great deal of versatility. Individual consumers have experienced this when

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The Importance Of Having A Flexible Monitoring Tool

By Daniel Price / March 18, 2015

The Importance Of Having A Flexible Monitoring Tool (Post Sponsored By Site 24×7) The world is increasingly moving towards a web-based economy. Regardless of what industry you are in, it is almost impossible to be competitive and to maintain a

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12 Promising Business Intelligence (BI) Services For Your Company

By Jason Sander / March 3, 2015

Business Intelligence (BI) Services Business Intelligence (BI) services have recently seen an explosion of innovation and choices for business owners and entrepreneurs. So many choices, in fact, that many companies aren’t sure which business intelligence company to use. To help

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Mapping Collective Outlooks With Big Data

By Lauris Veips / November 17, 2014

Mapping Collective Outlooks Imagine if you could, in a matter of minutes, map the fears, the biases, the preferences, the misery and the joy, the collective voice of all the people on the planet. Well, this is apparently what’s happening

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The Power of the API: How Plugging Data Brings Extraordinary Services to the Public

By Lauris Veips / October 22, 2014

Painting With APIs APIs or application programming interfaces of popular services are used by numerous startups to bring valuable services to the general public. API websites such as ProgrammableWeb is one of the more popular sites offering a variety of

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