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Future Data Scientists

Big Data: The Hot Commodity for Marketing in 2017 and Beyond?

By Daniel Matthews | May 19, 2017

Big Data: The Hot Commodity for Marketing Will the market for consumer data ever come to a breaking point? Let me explain. When it comes to digital marketing agencies—agencies that are responsible for a great deal of the content you…

Finding and Implementing Startup Tools

Finding and Implementing The Right Tools For Your Startup

By Jennifer Klostermann | May 3, 2017

Finding and Implementing Startup Tools Many startups believe implementing cloud tools help reduce operation costs as well as the time taken to enter a market, and so when taken along with the faster product development and increased productivity benefits, more…

starting a new business

What You Need to Know about Startup Accelerator Programs

By Jennifer Klostermann | May 2, 2017

Startup Accelerator Programs Startup accelerators, not to be confused with incubators or angel investors, play an important role in the development of global startups and can significantly impact the results of these startups while simultaneously benefiting the community as a…

20 Cloud CMS WordPress Alternatives: Part 1

By Kiril Kirilov | April 25, 2017

Cloud CMS WordPress Alternatives Content management systems (CMS) have grown exponentially in recent years. Their number and features have exploded. There are now dozens of cloud CMS WordPress alternatives for startups and small business. CMS is getting more sophisticated. Website building…

Digital Marketing Part 3- Measuring Effectiveness

By Jennifer Klostermann | April 24, 2017

Measuring Effectiveness With a solid foundation in place, the correct strategy and tools utilized, a digital marketing campaign can mean brand proliferation and product success. But it’s just as important to measure the effectiveness of a campaign and provide real…

Digital Marketing Part 2- Strategy & Tools

By Jennifer Klostermann | April 19, 2017

Strategy & Tools We’ve discussed the martech foundational elements of data and predictive analytics, as well as the benefits to modern marketers in Digital Marketing Part 1: A Solid Foundation. Clearly of value to businesses in all categories, digital marketing…

Retail Digitization Benefiting Various Players

By Jennifer Klostermann | April 13, 2017

Retail Digitization Retail startups are using various forms of tech including IoT and cloud to create partnerships that help businesses innovate and better satisfy customer needs. Thanks in large part to new data-centric solutions, startup and retail collaboration is thriving…

Digital Marketing Part 1- A Solid Foundation

By Jennifer Klostermann | April 10, 2017

A Solid Foundation Big Data and its enhanced usefulness through advancing predictive analytics has changed the marketing game forever, and with technology evolving and expanding consistently, the tools available for measuring and escalating sales, understanding and bettering customer engagement, and…

Big Data Employment Essential for Startups

By Jennifer Klostermann | April 6, 2017

Big Data Employment Small businesses and startups tend to be more open to innovative new technologies and readily implement fresh tools into their daily operations. This is, in part, because smaller businesses typically have the benefit of being more agile,…

MarTech’s Fragmented Landscape is Failing Brand Marketers

By CloudTweaks | March 28, 2017

MarTech’s Fragmented Landscape Mapping the customer journey is one of the biggest strategic shifts currently underway in the marketing industry. With the rise of social media, the way customers interact with brands has changed forever. Brands can no longer afford…