New Oracle Marketing Cloud Analytics Blast through Data Silos and Enable Pinpoint Targeting

By CloudBuzz | April 10, 2018

New Oracle Marketing Cloud Analytics Adding Infinity analytics and CX Audience to Oracle Marketing Cloud boosts big data analytics and helps customers better pinpoint their audiences ORACLE MODERN CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE, Chicago, IL—Apr 10, 2018 – To help organizations rethink how data

Digital Advertising: Big Data and New Technology to Combat Deceptive Content

By CloudBuzz | March 15, 2018

Digital advertising plays an important role in making the web what it is today—a forum where anyone with a good idea and good content can reach an audience and potentially make a living. In order for this ads-supported, free web

Dump Your Digital Transformation Program

By Roland Rust | January 24, 2018

Digital Transformation Most large Digital Transformation programmes fail. Others are in their second or third year and still have yet to prove that they will deliver real outcome. Sometime. Any initiative that leads to true transformation success starts small and

4 Ways How AI Can Augment the Digital Marketer

By Ronald van Loon | December 1, 2017

AI and the Digital Marketer As part of my experience, I have had the luxury of observing the way possibilities regarding AI have drastically arisen during the last decade. What many considered unachievable in the past is now certainly achievable

Millennials’ Video Obsession

Millennials’ Video Obsession Is Transforming Your Office: Are You Adapting?

By Bobby Beckmann | November 30, 2017

Millennials’ Video Obsession In 2016, millennials surpassed the Baby Boomers as the largest generation in American history. As they continue to infiltrate the corporate world, their collaboration and communication preferences are coming along with them. The millennial generation, which is