Month: November 2015

Intralinks Ceo Ron Hovsepian

Living In A Post-Safe Harbor World

Living In A Post-Safe Harbor World With the striking down of the Safe Harbor agreement in October, we have seen the tip of a data privacy iceberg whose global implications [...]
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Green Computing

Going Green With Big Data

Green Technologies  Amazon has just launched its fourth renewable energy program, increasing its data centers’ use of green power thanks to a new wind farm to be built in rural [...]
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Security Watch

Beefing Up Security Services Online

Cloud Security Protection The necessity and development of Cloud security evolves with the consistent growth of the Cloud and its many features. Just as Amazon is currently taking steps to [...]
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Tokyo Mega Smart City

Converting Mega Cities Into Smart Ones

Smart Cities: A Sustainable Future If today’s cities seem to be wasteful, uncaring and overwhelming, then brace yourselves for some sobering statistics: in only 15 years from now, approximately 60% [...]
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