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Real Madrid Turns To Microsoft For Tech Help

Real Madrid Connecting We’ve seen big data and cloud technology put to many different uses by different businesses, namely the financial sector, but the entertainment industry has wised up to the benefits of large data sets as too has the

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Amazon Web Services Is A $5bn Business – What Next?

Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services is now a $5bn business, according to Amazon’s quarterly earnings call last week, the first time that the company has disclosed detailed finances for Amazon Web Services, launched in 2006. Revenues grew some 49%

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Report Indicates $8 Trillion IoT Value At Stake

DHL & Cisco Tip the IoT DHL and Cisco, last week, published a joint report claiming that the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) will lead to a $1.9tn boost to their respective industries. Both companies are currently working together on

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The Questions of Privacy In The Internet of Things Revolution

Privacy in the Internet The Internet of Things (IoT) has been promising a lot to consumers for a few years and now we’re really starting to see some of the big ideas come to fruition, which means an ever-growing conversation