Big Data Employment Essential for Startups

By Jennifer Klostermann / April 6, 2017

Big Data Employment Small businesses and startups tend to be more open to innovative new technologies and readily implement fresh tools into their daily operations. This is, in part, because smaller businesses typically have the benefit of being more agile,

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MarTech’s Fragmented Landscape is Failing Brand Marketers

By Ulrik Bo Larsen / March 28, 2017

MarTech’s Fragmented Landscape Mapping the customer journey is one of the biggest strategic shifts currently underway in the marketing industry. With the rise of social media, the way customers interact with brands has changed forever. Brands can no longer afford

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Digital Transformation – Off-the-shelf themes for business websites

By Kiril Kirilov / March 24, 2017

Startup Business Websites: Pros & Cons We are off to create a new website for our business! We know which web host we shall use. We know which platform we will use. We have suitable, quality page content. So we

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managing mobile devices

The Necessity of a Mobile Strategy

By Jennifer Klostermann / March 23, 2017

Mobile Strategies Having a web presence is an absolute given for every business, but, more and more, consumer expectations are evolving such that also having a mobile app is as, if not more, essential. With online activity shifting continuously to

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How Big Data Can Empower Native Ads

By Shachar Shamir / February 16, 2017

Empower Native Ads The realm of big data is expanding an astonishing rate, and its presence can be felt across many walks of life, making its mark from the pharmaceutical industry to cybersecurity and even extending as far as to

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Future of Banking Part 2: Social Payments On The Rise

By Josh Hamilton / January 30, 2017

Social Payments In 2014, RBC became the very first bank in North America to offer a P2P payment service via Facebook Messenger. In the two years since then social payments have been on a steady rise, and while they have

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Content Distribution Industry

The Content Distribution Industry Through The IoT Market

By Kiril Kirilov / January 27, 2017

Content Distribution Industry The Internet of Things is gradually becoming a real thing despite some doubts about the maturity of the technology and constant concerns over the privacy and security provided by IoT devices that customers use at home or

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Understanding Cloud Pricing Models

Trends in MarTech to Look Out for This Year

By Joya Scarlata / January 26, 2017

Trends in MarTech Marketing technology, or MarTech, has come a long way with a landscape that is steadily growing. In 2016, the MarTech landscape has nearly doubled in size, with no signs of stopping. The number of vendors entering the

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Future of Banking Part 1: Will Digital Banking Replace Traditional Branches?

By Josh Hamilton / January 25, 2017

Digital Banking Future The future of the bank as an institution is incredibly uncertain right now, but even more uncertain is the future of the bank branch. So much so, that many would consider the phrase “future of the bank

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Startup Growth Hacking

Measuring Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking

By Jennifer Klostermann / January 23, 2017

Measuring Digital Marketing Digital marketing and growth hacking offer us an extensive range of tools and services that promise improved brand recognition, higher product uptake, greater lead generation, and better customer engagement. But as with the more traditional forms of

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