Daniel Price

Daniel is a Manchester-born UK native who has abandoned cold and wet Northern Europe and currently lives on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. A former Financial Consultant, he now balances his time between writing articles for several industry-leading tech (CloudTweaks.com & MakeUseOf.com), sports, and travel sites and looking after his three dogs.
Managed Cloud Wordpress Hosting Services

Managed Cloud WordPress Hosting Services

By Daniel Price | June 16, 2019

Managed Hosting Providers Managed cloud servers are becoming especially popular among startups and other small businesses concerned about Web security. Prior to managed hosting services, most security-conscious companies hired system administrators to configure, secure, and maintain their Web servers—an expense

Why Failure To Invest In Online Backup Could Be The Worst Business Decision You Ever Make

By Daniel Price | January 28, 2016

Failure to Invest In Online Backup Success in business is a combination of many things – the right staff, the right budgeting plan, the right company culture – but also the right IT set-up. Sadly, lots of small-medium businesses (SMBs)

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Understanding The Importance Of A Flexible Hybrid Cloud Solution

By Daniel Price | January 12, 2016

Flexible Hybrid Cloud Solution The cloud computing revolution continues to gather pace, and more and more businesses are coming on-board. For example, late last year a study by IDG found that 69 percent of enterprises have either applications or infrastructure

Scale your Windows Azure application

Help Your Business Improve Security By Choosing The Right Cloud Provider

By Daniel Price | January 7, 2016

Choosing The Right Cloud Provider Security issues have always been a key aspect of business planning; failure to properly protect your assets, your inventory, and your customer data is guaranteed to set a company on a road to ruin. In

Scale your Windows Azure application

Solving The Identity Management Conundrum With Sensible Cloud Solutions

By Daniel Price | November 16, 2015

Solving The Identity Management Conundrum Businesses of all sizes are increasingly moving their IT operations into the cloud. Their reasons for doing so are diverse and varied, but typically fall into broad categories; modernisation, streamlining workflows, easier access to business-critical

Criminal Cyber Crime Gangs

Becoming a Victim of a Criminal Cyber Crime Gang is Increasing

By Daniel Price | March 31, 2015

Criminal Cyber Crime Gang It’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of security when browsing the web. As more and more devices join the internet of things, the risk of becoming a victim of a criminal cyber gang

3D Printed organs

The History Of 3D Printing – From Kidneys To Cars

By Daniel Price | March 19, 2015

The History Of 3D Printing 3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, has been one of the breakout technologies of the last 18 months. People are now clamouring to get involved with the technology, with printable objects ranging from hand-guns to

The Importance Of Having A Flexible Monitoring Tool

By Daniel Price | March 18, 2015

The Importance Of Having A Flexible Monitoring Tool The world is increasingly moving towards a web-based economy. Regardless of what industry you are in, it is almost impossible to be competitive and to maintain a brand presence without a strong

How much data is produced every day?

Infographic: How much data is produced every day?

By Daniel Price | March 17, 2015

How much data is produced? With talking to someone about big data surprising facts and stats who is not in the industry, they immediately conjure up images of giant warehouses full of servers, staff poring over page after page of

Dell EMC

Confused By The Cloud? A New eBook Reveals All…

By Daniel Price | March 11, 2015

Confused By The Cloud? Cloud computing can be a difficult concept to grasp. For those who have not yet started to use the plethora of services available, either on a personal or enterprise level, it’s difficult to know where to start. What’s

12 Inspirational Stories of Animals Using Technology

By Daniel Price | March 10, 2015

By Dan Price

Cyber-Security Is Not Fit For Purpose

Industry Expert Says Cyber-Security Is Not Fit For Purpose

By Daniel Price | February 26, 2015

Cyber-Security Is Not Fit For Purpose Several people have been claiming for a long time that anti-virus needs a major re-imagining, and after Mandiant released its annual M-Trends report on data breaches yesterday, that chorus of voices is only getting