Mark Casey


After the SD-WAN: leveraging data and AI to optimize network operations

By Mark Casey | October 15, 2018

AI to Optimize Network Operations Increasing numbers of companies have implemented SD-WAN technology, thanks to benefits like higher performance, lower cost, and greater business agility compared to WAN services built on MPLS. But industry experts note that there can be


Can your network meet the challenges of Office 365?

By Mark Casey | September 4, 2018

Network Challenges of Office 365 Microsoft’s focus on growing commercial adoption of Office 365 in 2018 has resulted in the number of licensed seats growing an average of 29% on a yearly basis for each quarter of fiscal 2018. With


Fulfilling the promise of UCaaS requires a better network

By Mark Casey | August 9, 2018

UCaaS Systems Unified communications (UC), by combining voice, video and text messaging into a single system, has long promised efficiency and convenience for communicating with co-workers and customers. Why are the promises not always fulfilled? For a long time, integration


Industrial IoT will reshape network requirements

By Mark Casey | March 9, 2018

Industrial IoT The hype around IoT may have been surpassed this year by breathless coverage of topics such as artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies, but there continue to be interesting developments in IoT related technology and services. The possibilities for efficiency


Network security in the era of hybrid cloud

By Mark Casey | November 28, 2017

Hybrid Cloud Network Security Protecting networks and the data that traverses them might seem to be an impossible task these days. Whether it’s a nation-state-sponsored infiltration that seeks to tamper with industrial systems or a criminal organization planting ransomware for profit,


Evolving the enterprise network architecture in the era of hybrid cloud

By Mark Casey | November 13, 2017

Enterprise Network Architecture The use of cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications has been a key element in helping companies improve business processes. One missing ingredient to a better performance is still a truly agile network. CEOs don’t have to start


Direct Connect To Cloud: Solving For Performance, But At What Cost?

By Mark Casey | November 9, 2017

Direct Cloud Connect Executives embarking on the journey to becoming a digital enterprise are essentially asking IT to enable the enterprise to create new services and products and bring them to market faster. Cloud infrastructure services have been key to