Virtual Reality

How Can We Use Artificial Intelligence When We Can’t Handle Real Intelligence?

By Josh Hamilton | February 8, 2017

Artificial Versus Real Intelligence In this article we will be discussing the pitfalls of societal disillusionment with facts, and how this trend may become troubling for the oncoming artificial intelligence revolution. Dr Edward Maibach has frequently lamented the “huge disconnect

Cloud Data Migration

The Keys to Ensure a Successful CMDB Implementation

By Sheetal Kale | February 8, 2017

Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Today’s modern enterprises are driven by IT. With the proliferation of new technologies such as Cloud, Mobility, Virtual Machines, and new hardware and software devices, the IT infrastructure is increasingly becoming more complex. For the IT

Telepresence: From Robotics To Holograms

By Josh Hamilton | January 31, 2017

Telepresence, Robotics and Holograms When you talk about the future of work, what often comes to mind is automation and machine learning. However, there is a new firm, claiming to provide the future of work through robot “doubles”. Rather than

Utilizing Machine Learning In The Security Sector

By Jennifer Klostermann | January 18, 2017

Machine Learning Security Machine learning for data security and protection is a popular topic, though expert opinion on the current probability of such uses is divided. And while computer algorithms have been making decisions for us for many years now,

Imminent IoT Eye-Tracking Technologies To Transform The Connected World

By CloudTweaks | January 2, 2017

IoT Eye Tracking Smelling may be the first of the perceptible senses, but the eye is the fastest moving organ in the human body. While the first, second, and third screens have historically exercised the potential of this organ to

The Key To Improving Business Lies In Eye-Interaction Tech

By Jim Marggraff | December 28, 2016

Eye-Interaction Technology Analysts at Goldman Sachs predict virtual reality revenue will surpass TV within the next decade. More than just some gaming fad, VR represents a whole new way for organizations to train, research, and explore vast amounts of data.

Through the Looking Glass: Tech and Security Industry Predictions

By Mike D. Kail | December 15, 2016

Tech and Security Industry Predictions As we close out 2016, which didn’t start off very well for tech IPOs, momentum and performance has increased in the second half, and I believe that will continue well into 2017. M&A activity will

How the Cloud Is Improving DNA Sequencing

By Kayla Matthews | November 17, 2016

DNA Sequencing For many of us, the cloud is part of our daily lives. We use these virtual storage servers to hold our pictures, our memories and our work documents, just to name a few. Cloud storage is also making

Big Data Trends

Ringing The Alarm Bells – Preparing For The Potential Dark Future of A.I

By Josh Hamilton | November 9, 2016

The Future of A.I On Friday 21st October, the world witnessed the largest cyber-attack in history. The attack set a new precedent for the size, scale, and potential threat of cyber-attacks; it used the Mirai botnet to corrupt IoT (Internet

Exciting Potential of the AI Drones

How IoT, Wearables, and Mixed Reality May Disrupt Banking

By Brian Penny | October 31, 2016

Banking Disruption Technology and finance have always gone together. It takes the best, most secure technologies to keep stockpiles of money safe. We don’t often consider banking and technology together, but it’s the banking industry that stands to be disrupted most

Adoption in DevOps has increased over the years

By Joya Scarlata | October 19, 2016

Adoption in DevOps Over the past few years, cloud computing has been evolving at a rapid rate. It is becoming the norm in today’s software solutions. Forrester believes that that cloud computing will be a $191 billion market by 2020.

When Sci-Fi Predictions Come To Fruition

By CloudTweaks | July 22, 2016

Evolution of Technologies To paraphrase science fiction author Arthur C. Clark, those who make predictions about the future are either “considered conservative now and mocked later, or mocked now and proved right when they are no longer around to enjoy