Gv Google Ventures Investments 11.19.2019

The Future According To GV, Alphabet’s Most Active Venture Capital Arm

By CloudBuzz | November 20, 2019

Alphabet’s Most Active Venture Capital Arm Alphabet’s VC arm, GV, has been regarded as one of the most active — and successful — corporate venture capital firms since its inception in 2009. Among Google’s investment arms, including growth equity fund CapitalG and AI-focused

Louis Columbus

Improving Endpoint Security Needs To Be A Top Goal In 2020

By Louis Columbus | November 19, 2019

Improving Endpoint Security Bottom Line:  Attacking endpoints with AI, bots, and machine learning is gaining momentum with cybercriminals today with no signs of slowing down into 2020, making endpoint security a must-have cybersecurity goal for next year. Cyberattacks are growing

Firefox’s fight for the future of the web

By CloudBuzz | November 18, 2019

With Google’s Chrome dominating the market, not-for-profit rival Mozilla is staking a comeback on its dedication to privacy Why do you choose the browser you use? Maybe you think it loads pages more quickly. Maybe it’s made by the same


146 New Vulnerabilities All Come Preinstalled on Android Phones

By Wired | November 15, 2019

When you buy an Android smartphone, it’s rarely pure Android. Manufacturers squeeze in their own apps or give it a fresh coat of interface. Carriers do it too. The resulting stew of preinstalled software and vanilla Android sometimes turns out

Kayla Matthews

6 Reasons More Organizations Are Adopting Zero Trust

By Kayla Matthews | November 13, 2019

Organizations Adopting Zero Trust The zero trust model is becoming more commonplace in security. It’s based on the realization that threats exist inside and outside of a network. Limiting those requires verifying a person’s permission to access something during every

BBC Tech

Play store apps to be scanned for malware

By BBC Tech | November 11, 2019

Google is beefing up the way it checks if any of the apps uploaded to its Play store are malicious. All new apps will be scanned by malware-spotting tools from three cyber-security firms as well as Google’s own in-house system. Google said

Accenture News

Accenture Expands Cybersecurity Capabilities with Network of “Cyber Ranges” to Help Industrial Companies Simulate and Respond to Cyberattacks

By Accenture | November 7, 2019

Accenture will also open new Cyber Fusion Center in Houston for industrial control systems NEW YORK; Nov. 7, 2019 – Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has expanded its cybersecurity capabilities with the opening of three “cyber ranges” to help industrial companies —


Facebook admits to another data leak, saying that up to 100 developers accessed people’s data from Groups

By CloudBuzz | November 6, 2019

More than a year after Facebook clamped down on how much personal data third parties could see, the company has found some app developers still had access to people’s data through Facebook Groups. In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica

Reuters news

Alarmed by Libra, EU to look into issuing public digital currency: draft

By Reuters | November 5, 2019

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Central Bank should consider issuing a public digital currency, an EU draft document said, after plans by Facebook to introduce a private one met with a hostile response from global regulators. The social media firm

BBC Tech

US and Taiwan hold first joint cyber-war exercise

By BBC Tech | November 4, 2019

Taiwanese officials are being targeted by phishing emails and texts as part of a week-long simulated cyber-war event billed as the first of its kind. The local government is co-hosting the tests with the American Institute in Taiwan, which represents


Facebook’s ‘Preventative Health’ tool has a flaw that’s impossible to ignore

By CloudBuzz | November 4, 2019

Facebook has created a tool that reminds users to get cancer screenings, routine checkups and flu vaccines. It also lets users keep track of doctor appointments within the Facebook app, and share their status with friends. Unveiled in October 2019,


Capgemini’s World Quality Report Reveals Skills and Security Challenges

By CloudBuzz | October 31, 2019

Capgemini’s World Quality Report Reveals Skills and Security Challenges Capgemini’s World Quality Report also reveals skills and security challenges as major hindrances for organizations to uplift their testing and IT environment Paris, October 31, 2019 – The World Quality Report

Ajay Malik

Explainable Intelligence Part 3 – The Strategy for XAI

By Ajay Malik | October 31, 2019

The Strategy for XAI It is not enough to say that something is true just because ‘I know it’s true!’ – we have to have some evidence or argument that gives a justification for our belief. Explanations, justifications, and more

VPN Technology

VPN in the World of Modern Technology

By Cloud Syndicate | October 30, 2019

VPN Technology In the modern world, more and more people think about online safety. Cybercrime is developing rapidly: malware attacks, suspicions that a global cyberwar is unfolding between states, Internet users, private data thefts, numerous hacker attacks, as well as

Dana Gardner

How Unisys and Microsoft team up to ease complex cloud adoption for governments and enterprises

By Dana Gardner | October 29, 2019

Unisys and Microsoft team up The path to cloud computing adoption persistently appears complex and risky to both government and enterprise IT leaders, recent surveys show. This next BriefingsDirect managed cloud methodologies discussion explores how tackling complexity and security requirements

Tech Crunch

A set of new tools can decrypt files locked by Stop, a highly active ransomware

By Tech Crunch | October 18, 2019

Thousands of ransomware victims may finally get some long-awaited relief. New Zealand-based security company Emsisoft has built a set of decryption tools for Stop, a family of ransomware that includes Djvu and Puma, which they say could help victims recover

Louis Columbus

5 Key Insights From Absolute’s 2019 Endpoint Security Trends Report

By Louis Columbus | October 11, 2019

Absolute’s 2019 Endpoint Security Trends Report Endpoint security tools are 24% of all IT security spending, and by 2020 global IT security spending will reach $128B according to Morgan Stanley Research. 70% of all breaches still originate at endpoints, despite the


The biggest threat of deepfakes isn’t the deepfakes themselves

By Wired | October 11, 2019

The mere idea of AI-synthesized media is already making people stop believing that real things are real. It was late 2018, and the people of Gabon hadn’t seen their president, Ali Bongo, in public for months. Some began to suspect


A Controversial Plan to Encrypt More of the Internet

By Wired | October 9, 2019

The road to routing all Domain Name System lookups through HTTPS is pocked with disagreements over just how much it will help. The security community generally agrees on the importance of encrypting private data: Add a passcode to your smartphone. Use

Kokumai Ii

How to Enhance Security of Digital Identity

By Hitoshi Kokumai | October 7, 2019

Enhance Security of Digital Identity Introduction The subject of this article is a fragile digital identity built with a weak password, which makes a grave choke point of the cyber age. The word ‘password’ is poly-semantic and context-dependent. Sometimes it’s


John Pientka

That’s It? After All the Hype and Fear About A.I.? Turns Out They Can’t Do the Hard Stuff

Well, guess we should have known better. A.I. can play Jeopardy, Chess and Go but it seems their capabilities have ...
Birth of Modern Computing Then & Now

Birth of Modern Computing Then & Now

Modern Computing From as early as the onset of modern computing, the possibility of resource distribution has been explored. Today’s ...
What Do You Mean: Too Much Screen Time?

What Do You Mean: Too Much Screen Time?

Too Much Screen Time? Oh the shame of it! Our children are turning into anti-social, myopic monsters because of their ...
John Pientka

Cyber Criminals Caught! Ah No, More Like Just Identified. Sigh!

Cyber Criminals Caught It’s that time when we look back on the past year. In 2018, Atlanta was a victim ...
Marc Wilczek

Critical Success Factors when shifting Workloads into the Cloud

Shifting Workloads into the Cloud By 2020, 92 percent of all workloads will reside in the cloud. Yet challenges remain ...