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The Fully Aware, Hybrid-Cloud Approach

Hybrid-Cloud Approach For over 20 years, organizations have been attempting to secure their networks and protect their data. However, have ...
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Developing Security Policies That Incorporate Cloud Solutions

Developing Security Policies Implementing cloud computing services and technology means, to most, employing the latest solutions available, taking advantage of ...
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Adopting A Cohesive GRC Mindset For Cloud Security

Cloud Security Mindset Businesses are becoming wise to the compelling benefits of cloud computing. When adopting cloud, they need a ...
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Global Intelligence Network – 63.8 Million Attack Sensors

Internet Security Threat Report Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report, released in April, covers an extensive range of cyber threats we ...
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Security and the Potential of 2 Billion Device Failures

IoT Device Failures I have, over the past three years, posted a number of Internet of Things (and the broader ...
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How Secure Is Your School Campus Network?

School Networks School related networks are one of the most attacked sectors today, coming in third worldwide to healthcare and ...
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Why Organizations Move To Amazon AWS

Maximization of Cloud Opportunities  Sponsored series by CloudMGR When linked with the correct choice of provider, visibility and control in ...
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The Cloud Isn’t a Security Issue; It’s a Security Opportunity

Security Issue In order to stay ahead in today’s competitive business landscape, companies need to constantly innovate. Development teams must ...
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25 Cloud Data Performance Monitoring Companies

Performance Monitoring Companies We have updated our list to include 10 additional performance monitoring companies in 2017.  These services will ...
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Lessons for Corporate Board Members from the Colin Powell E-mail Hack

Corporate Board Member Security It’s every company’s worst nightmare: waking up to find your confidential company information plastered across The ...
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Why ‘Data Hoarding’ Increases Cybersecurity Risk

Data Hoarding The proliferation of data and constant growth of content saved on premise, in cloud storage, or a non-integrated ...
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Cyber IoT Security: McAfee on Threats and Autonomous Cars

IoT Security Autonomous cars are just around the corner, there have been IoT security controversies surrounding their safety, and a ...
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The Cloud Movement – The Good and the Bad

The Cloud Movement Like it or not, cloud computing permeates many aspects of our lives, and it’s going to be ...
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The Growing Mobile App Industry and Financial Sector

Mobile Apps and the Financial Sector While the mobile revolution has introduced sweeping changes and disrupted industries big and small ...
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Benefits of Licensing Software as a Service In The Cloud

Software as a Service In The Cloud When Microsoft moved to a monthly cloud-based subscription package for its Windows 10 ...
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