Month: June 2015

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Cyber Security Is BIG Business

Cyber Security Investments Are Growing Cyber Security shares on Wall Street are soaring as hackers continue to crack into the cyber defense systems set up by government agencies, banks and [...]
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Investment Funds

How To Land SaaS Startup Investment Funding

SaaS Startup Investment Funding Currency Cloud, one of London’s FinTech startups, has recently raised $18 million in its latest funding round. With investors including Sapphire Ventures, Anthemis, Atlas Ventures, Notion [...]
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Social Media

Social Media A New Military Battleground

Social Media Warfare As an increasing number of militaries worldwide use social media to recruit soldiers, gather intelligence, spread propaganda and even communicate with their own and other military groups, [...]
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Invasion Of Privacy

The Invasion Of Privacy And The NSA

Invasion Of Privacy Recently, the US Justice Department has told a federal magistrate judge that two government agencies are investigating allegations of misconduct during the Thomas Drake – National Security [...]
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The Future Of Cybersecurity

The Future of Cybersecurity In 2013, President Obama issued an Executive Order to protect critical infrastructure by establishing baseline security standards. One year later, the government announced the cybersecurity framework, [...]
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